tkLABS Staffing

We serve as a stop-gap for those difficult-to-fill positions by tapping into our extensive industry network, the best recruiting tools and social media to identify and approach the best available candidates.   We’ve become adept at properly presenting our customer’s opportunities to these candidates and answering their questions in order to ultimately deliver the top talent to your organization.

At tkLABS Staffing, you will experience exceptional commitment to bring value to your recruiting and hiring process, both from the HR perspective as well as the impact to your development and IT needs.

Give us a call and let’s proactively review your needs and put together a plan to address those needs with the right resources.

Do you have a staffing need?  Contact us today!

What does tkLABS Staffing Offer?

  • Temporary Staffing
  • Temporary to Permanent Hire
  • Direct Placement

What will tkLABS Staffing do for you?

  • Take your job requirements
  • Recruit for your position
  • Filter, and screen applicants
  • Present you with the best candidates
  • Schedule Interviews with your team
  • For selected candidates, place them as consultants or direct-hires

Experience the tkLABS Staffing difference

  • There is NEVER a fee unless you hire one of our candidates!
  • Every hire is covered by our replacement guarantee.

Give us a call and let tkLABS Staffing focus on filling your positions!