Bluetooth Data Capture Android Application

tkLABS often works on projects that are ahead of their time and that require months, if not years of research before they are ready to hit the market. In these cases, tkLABS offers consulting and prototype development to help our customers gather research and marketing data.

Such was the case with this Medical University. They were in need to put together a system that would efficiently allow them to collect and analyze data from an accelerometer/gyroscope device. It would also be used as a prototype tool to secure funding for the next step in the project. tkLABS met with them and found an accelerometer/gyroscope that had a Bluetooth interface and developed an Android application that would establish connectivity with the accelerometer/gyroscope and log the data. The tkLABS team also worked with the manufacturer of the acccelerometer/gyroscope to implement some modifications that allowed it to work for our solution.