Project Description

Safe Driving Mobile-Cloud Service

Our customer had developed proprietary intellectual property in the efficient use of GPS on tracking applications and had set out to market a solution that would implement this intellectual property into mobile phones with the purpose of enforcing driving safety policies by blocking the use of the phone when traveling at certain speeds.

TKLABS initially setup a development team to architect, develop and test the first solution on a Windows Mobile phone. The TKLABS team developed not only the mobile application but also the cloud server that provides configuration, reports and metrics capabilities. The team also implemented an interface with the Client’s chosen e-commerce solution.

Once the first implementation was complete, the team proceeded to port the solution to both the Android and Blackberry platforms. The TKLABS Test Team also provided regression, validation and verification testing for multiple phone models on each of these platforms as well as custom development to work around platform implementation differences between models.

This project required in-depth knowledge and expertise in:

  • Android Development
  • Blackberry Development
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Efficient Wireless Protocol Development
  • Efficient GPS Usage and Control on Mobile, Battery operated devices
  • Quality Assurance for Mobile Application Development across Multiple Platforms and Phone Models