Project Description

Messaging Gateway

Our customer needed a scalable solution to grow their fleet management/tracking business. TKLABS provided a customized Internet Appliance Server Solution that handles the increase in capacity, provides real-time management and reporting of the system while seamlessly integrating with their existing database application.

A system that could process TCP/IP and/or SMS messages sent from mobile units and register the payload (GPS coordinates) into an existing database application that in turn would plot them into a map. The system would need to allow for remote access and administration. Low licensing cost for the solution was also a requirement.

We designed and implemented a 100% Java solution that consisted of:

  • Mobile Messaging Gateway Subsystem

Attaches to multiple SMSCs. Receives HTTP Post messages with coordinates for processing. Monitors and restores SMSC connections. Provides email alarm notifications to administrators for non-recoverable connection failures. Maintains log files of the operations at several levels.

  • JDBC Subsystem

Processes incoming messages and populates a database with the payload. In this solution, mySQL was selected due to the more than adequate performance.

  • Secure Web Administration Interface Subsystem

Allows administrator to securely access the Gateway from any browser, manage SMPP/JDBC connections, look at logs. access/modify the database and even stop and start the Gateway. For this subsystem the Apache/Tomcat technologies provided a cost effective solution while maintaining desired efficiency and performance.