Project Description

iDEN Baseband Processor Development Integration

Our customer, a large international mobile phone manufacturer, was developing a mobile phone that was to operate on an Integrated Dispatch Enhanced Network (iDEN). This iDEN technology is only provided by Motorola and deep knowledge of this technology is hard to find outside of Motorola. Our customer need someone to help them make this product happen. TKLABS has extensive experience in iDEN technology so we were hired to do the job. We worked with our customer in defining the hardware architecture, requirements, design, implementation and testing. This project required very tight integration with our customer’s team and know-how in the following areas:

  • iDEN Modem Technology
  • Deep Sleep (Low Power) Operation
  • SIM Access
  • Inter-Processor Communication
  • Memory Management
  • Mobile Embedded Development Experience
  • Modem Quality Assurance
  • Project Management

After the initial project, TKLABS has continued to provide our customer with the expertise to produce 5 more generations of iDEN Technology Mobile Phones.