Project Description

Mobile Social Networking Application

Our customer had developed a mobile-cloud social networking service using an iPhone application. Their marketing research was showing that an Android application would be able to reach a much larger portion of their target market, so they set out to find more than just an Android developer, a firm that could stand behind this effort and be trusted to deliver.

Our team studied the iPhone implementation and provided an Android application that not only was functionally equivalent but also looked the same as the iPhone counterpart. From the first release on, the team has continued to support the Android implementation through new feature additions and enhancements.

This project required in-depth knowledge and expertise in:

  • Android Development
  • GPS APIs
  • Bluetooth/WiFi APIs
  • Efficient Wireless Protocol Development
  • Efficient GPS Usage and Control on Mobile, Battery operated devices
  • Quality Assurance for Mobile Application Development across Multiple Platforms and Phone Models