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tkLABS is an established provider of end-to-end design and testing services. tkLABS proudly unveils Pinpoint — a suite of stationary and drive test tools aimed at mobile carriers to precisely pinpoint mobile device and system performance issues. The Pinpoint Analysis Test Suite includes a trio of seamlessly integrated software tools:

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Together these three tools form a cohesive solution for extensive network measurement, providing analysis and performance data for communication service providers and OEMs. The Pinpoint Analysis Test Suite is a reliable and consistent product to evaluate mobile device and system performance for Voice and Push to Talk (PTT) calls. With global reach, and real-time analysis, The Pinpoint Analysis Suite measures Fast Call Access Time, Reliable Voice Quality and Minimal Audio Delays – all of the essential ingredients for a reliable voice communication system.

The Pinpoint Analysis Test Suite utilizes industry standard POLQA and PESQ from ITU-T, combined with an Audio Gap Detection Tool to enable automated PTT and Voice Call testing in both live or simulated situations, in either drive testing or stationary environments.

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How it works

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This PC-based application provides stationary and mobile drive testing set-up to control testing of Android phones for Automated Phone Calls and Automated PTT Calls as well as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as call setup time, audio delay, and dekey time measurements. The application contains a PESQ/ POLQA library for MOS Voice Quality Analysis and comprehensive reporting of MOS score findings. PinStation creates test sessions for each testing type and scenario, and then uploads the testing information to PinPortal for analysis.

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This tool serves as the App inside the phone for the purpose of providing phone status and GPS information. The PinApp works with the PinStation to retrieve vital phone information in terms of voice quality, dropped calls, strength of call, duration of service, disruption and point of occurrence. PinApp is especially helpful for providers and OEMs when launching a new device or operating system updates to ensure quality coverage remains stable through any transition.

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Pinpoint’s true advantage is its portability via laptop and small-sized sound cards for mobile audio testing that does not rely upon dedicated land-based testing. The open PinPortal manages multiple users to gather testing data from both mobile and stationary locations. The portal collects audio analysis data in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). KPIs collected are call setup time, audio delay, and dekey time measurements, time of occurrence, location (GPS), and congestion — which are essential factors for service providers and OEMS to constantly evolve their changing infrastructures and assess the resulting changes. The PinPortal provides graphical statistical data and analysis for overall call performance.

To better monitor and access the quality of cellular phone coverage, carriers can gain a competitive advantage by accurately pinpointing issues and improving the customer’s experience. Pinpoint Analysis Test Suite easily collects and measures Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics for service providers and OEMs. The modularity of this suite enables users to tailor the product according to their current and emerging needs. The Pinpoint Analysis Test Suite is designed and poised to grow with future enhancements and testing support.

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• Supports newest POLQA 2015 7 V2.4, Voice Quality MOS measurement
• Easy set up for Automated PTT and Voice Call with automatic audio calibration.
• Easy set up for Stationary and Drive Testing
• High Accuracy for Performance Metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
• Voice quality testing — Full Duplex PTT, interconnect, HD voice (VoLTE) , and Dispatch PTT.
• Collection of Data in centralized server with location information and time stamping
• Real time access to Pinpoint test data for analysis, debugging and reports (CSV data)
• Audio Gap testing for audio loss, audio delay and audio arrival order analysis
• Testing call performance for voice quality and simultaneous audio delay analysis
• Supports many Dispatch Technologies: KODIAK, QChat, MOTOTALK, PRIP , iDEN and others
• Supports several independent mobile technologies: LTE, GSM, WCDMA, HSPDA, HSUPA, iDEN