Note For Recruiters…

Phone Calls

  • Do not call us. We do not take unsolicited calls for recruitment. Ever. Unsolicited calls are a fast way to make sure we won’t work with you.
  • If we’re working regarding a role or candidate, we’ll explain how best to contact us about that role/candidate.
  • Do not call incessantly to find out if we’ve made a decision. We’ll give you a timeframe.


  • If you want to know about available jobs, keep an eye on our jobs page.
  • Read the role. Do not send contractors if we specify permanent staff. Do not send PHP developers for a Rails position.

CVs / Candidates

  • Do not send us anonymous CVs – they will not be considered. If you send us a candidate we want to know who they are, where they’ve worked and whether we’ve seen them before.
  • When sending us a CV, please include the candidate’s salary expectations and availability
  • We typically only consider candidates already in the State where the job is posted. If they are not in that State, please tell us.

Terms and Conditions

  • We will not sign your terms and conditions.
  • The terms we work to are below:

Terms & Fees

These Terms supercede any similar terms in indivudal agency’s contracts.

    • We will pay ??% of year 1 base salary
    • A candidate must remain employed throughout our probation period (90 days) in order for your fee to be collected.
    • We will pay within 30  60 days of invoicing after the probation period.
    • The invoice date can be no earlier than the candidate’s start date
    • If a candidate is employed by us within 6 months of an introduction by you, we will pay your fee.
    • If a candidate you introduce is already known to us (organically or from a different agency) we will tell you this promptly. No fee will be payable in this circumstance.
    • If the candidate leaves within 12 working weeks of their start date (for any reason, including dismissal), you will try to find a replacement free of charge.
    • If you are unable to find a replacement acceptable to us you will refund 8.3% of your fee for each week of the first 12 the candidate didn’t work.

Unacceptable practices.

Doing any of these will result in being automatically blacklisted and we won’t work with you

  • Do not lie to us. Do not phone and say you know us when you don’t. Do not tell the person answering the phone a different story to the person who are trying to get hold of.
  • Do not try poach our staff. The whole team/office can hear when there is a recruiter on the line trying to do this. This makes both the person you’re speaking to uncomfortable, as well as the team around him. Do not do this.
  • Passing on details of candidates you’ve placed to other recruiters to try poach after you’ve received your fee.