Cloud computing

tkLABS is experienced in offering computing as a service; resources are shared and software is provided as a utility. The paradigm of cloud computing enables us to deploy applications faster and shifts the burden of system maintenance away from our customers. Whenever the Cloud is identified as a piece of your envisioned solution, we will work you to determine the best infrastructure and platform to support your software service.

We will work with you to find the “right” cloud infrastructure for your needs, and whether the best fit is our own data center or if a provider with a global footprint is needed (such as Amazon or Google), we will support this decision and deploy your application securely and efficiently. The right Platform might be powered by Python, Java, PHP, Ruby On Rails, or one of the many other emerging platforms. The choice of platform is a crucial one, as we will want to balance the development time and cost against other practical considerations such as what your own IT department might be comfortable maintaining long term. The development of your application software could take on many forms, depending upon your needs. tkLABS has delivered solutions that entirely in the cloud, as well as many client/server applications in which computational resources are shared between the server component and fully-functional software running on a PC or mobile phone.

Platform Expertise

  • Django
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Java, Javascript, JBoss
  • Ruby On Rails
  • WordPress

Example Solutions

  • A system to track valuable assets (e.g. vehicles, shipping containers, etc.) worldwide
  • A server to manage teen mobile phone safety by disabling certain phone features when driving.
  • A software licensing service allowing customers to deploy software while protecting against theft through software piracy
  • A corporate portal system where organizations can post news & software downloads specific users or groups of users