About Us

Simply put, we’re here to help.

tkLABS is an engineering consulting firm that provides end-to-end design and testing services.  tkLABS helps you to deliver your products and services faster and with superior quality.

In the fast paced world of technology, companies often find themselves with product concepts that require experienced technical expertise to quickly bring a solution to market within an aggressive market window.

tkLABS provides solutions in today’s competitive business world. We create and implement solutions for clients that embrace the best technology to create tangible business results. We have a proven track record of achieving mission-critical, integrated business solutions for our customers.

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tkLABS Mission Statement

  • Customer Satisfaction – We consistently strive to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations and provide effective solutions that meet their needs.
  • Innovation – Technology is always changing.  We are always seeking opportunities to evolve and improve.
  • Revenue – The solutions we provide our customers are designed to increase their business, be more effective, be more efficient, and gain marketshare. We succeed when our customers succeed.
  • Integrity – We expect our employees to maintain the highest ethical standards in order to earn the complete trust of our customers.  Our customers should expect nothing less.
  • Employees – We value our employees as our greatest asset.  We strive to have an enjoyable and challenging workplace that allows our employees to grow.


tkLABS was founded in 2000 by an existing team of developers looking to start an engineering design firm where we could bring our ideas to life.  We have had the opportunity to be involved in many industry “firsts”, bring new ideas and new products to market, and we look forward to continuing a tradition of engineering excellence for many years to come.